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Science Blogs:
Speaking of Research

Scientific Organizations:
Association for Psychological Science
American Psychological Association
Psychonomic Society
Southern Society for Philosophy and Psychology
Southeastern Psychological Association
American Society of Primatologists
International Primatological Society
International Society for Comparative Psychology
Comparative Cognition Society
Mathematical Cognition and Learning Society
Society for Comparative Psychology and Behavioral Neuroscience (Div 6 - APA)
Society for Experimental Psychology and Cognitive Science (Div 3 - APA)

Science Related Sites and Blogs:

RadioLab - podcasts of science related stories
Livescience - Offers an overview of recent interesting scientific findings from a number of areas.
Quirkology - A great site with visual illusions and other interesting videos as well as some experiments.
Visual Cognition Lab - has nice examples of visual illusions.
Skepdic - A site dedicated to exposing pseudoscientific theories and individuals.
Quackwatch - Another side dedicated to debunking scientific fraud and pseudoscience.
Sense About Science - Promoting good science and evidence for the public
Coalition to Protect Research - Occasionally, certain members of Congress attempt to de-fund federal grants  simply because they do not like, or understand, the scientific value of those grants. This is a dangerous pattern as the peer review process is the established, and highly effective, means of assessing scientific value in research. The Coalition works to protect researchers and the peer-review process from such interference.
Animal Research - Finding cures, saving lives
Developing Intelligence blog
Overcoming Bias blog - about honesty, signaling, forecasting, and the future
Splintered Mind blog
Neurophilosophy blog
Neurocritic blog
Neuroevolution blog
Intelligent Machines blog
Cognitive Daily
Journalology - a blog dedicated to science publishing trends, ethics, peer review, and open access

Primate Sites:
The Jane Goodall Institute
Chimp Haven
Kyoto University Primate Research Institute
Chimpanzee World

Conservation Sites:
World Wildlife Fund
National Wildlife Federation
The Nature Conservancy
Think Elephants International

Other Sites of Interest to our lab:
Exploring Emergence
Santa Fe Institute
Comparative Mammalian Brain Collections
Give Kids The World
Make A Wish Foundation
Bat Conservation International
XKCD - Webcomic for programmers
Ph.D Comic - a necessary site for those trying to survive graduate school!