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March 27, 2022


Welcome to my web site!

I am a Senior Research Scientist and the Associate Director of the Language Research Center of Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA.

My research interests focus primarily on numerical cognition in nonhuman primates. In particular, I study counting and other mathematical skills in the chimpanzees, capuchin monkeys, and rhesus monkeys at the Language Research Center. Additionally, I study delay of gratification, metacognition, long-term memory, language acquisition, planning,  and object permanence in apes and monkeys.

My research is supported by funding from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (grants RO1HD-061455, PO1HD-060563, and PO1HD-38051), the National Science Foundation (grants BCS - 0924811, BCS 0956993, SES -  0729244, SES - 1123897, SES - 1425216 and BCS 0634662), the European Science Foundation, the Templeton Foundation, and the College of Arts and Sciences at Georgia State University.

Please follow the links on this page if you are interested in the research in my lab.  Please also visit the Sites of Interest if you are interested in comparative psychology, animal learning, primates, science in general, or conservation.

Click here to download recent video about monkey metacognition.
Click here for a recent APA Science Brief about our research on self-control.
Click here for a recent paper about the long-term vocabulary retention of the LRC chimpanzees.



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