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2015 News

Congratulations to Audrey Parrish who now serves on the inaugural editorial board for Translational Issues in Psychological Science, a new journal from the American Psychological Association that publishes basic scientific research where each issue has a different guest editor working with a team of associate editors who are advanced predoctoral or early postdoctoral scholars. Each article will focus on extending findings in psychological science to a broader audience including, but not limited to, public interest, practitioners, and scientific scholars.  Audrey served as part of the working group that established this new journal.  For more information about the journal, click here


At the Southeastern Psychological Association meeting in Hilton Head, SC, in March we organized a symposium about why language-trained chimpanzees were still important and were still teaching us new things about primate cognition.  In the photo - back row, left to right - Ken Sayers, Karen Brakke, David Washburn, and Michael Beran; front row, left to right - Bonnie Perdue, Lisa Heimbauer, and Audrey Parrish








2014 News

Congratulations to Ted Evans, who has taken a new position at Georgia Tech as a Compliance Specialist.  Ted has been at the Language Research Center for almost 10 years, and has been a central and critical part of the research team and critical in keeping the LRC up and running.  He will be missed, and we wish him the best as he heads off to his new administrative position.  We jokingly hope he does not really end up looking like this while working in administration!





Audrey Parrish received a travel award to the APA meeting in Washington DC as part of the APA mentoring program for graduate students supported by the Science Directorate.  She presented her ongoing work on perception and perceptual illusions in nonhuman primates.

Michael Beran was elected as Member-at-Large for the Executive Council of Division 3 of the APA for 2014-2017.

Michael Beran visited Reed College in April as an invited speaker in the Behavior Economics Lecture Series.  He presented a paper entitled “Behavioral Economics from the Chimpanzee’s Perspective.”  While there, he also gave a lecture in the psychology department entitled "Worth Waiting For: Studies of Primate Self-Control and “Willpower.” 



Congratulations to Audrey Parrish!  She was awarded the Richard Morrell Outstanding Graduate Student in Psychology Award from the Department of Psychology at Georgia State.  This honor is based on a doctoral student's record in the areas of research/professional development, instruction, and service. With more than 100 graduate students in the department of psychology, this was an excellent recognition of Audrey's exceptional scholarly output, her effectiveness in her first course as instructor of record, and her extensive service to the university and to the discipline. CONGRATULATIONS, AUDREY!






Michael Beran delivered the Presidential Address at the annual meeting of the Southern Society for Philosophy of Psychology.  His paper was entitled "To err is (not only) human: Fallibility (and success) in comparative approaches to cognition." 

At the same meeting, Audrey Parrish presented an invited paper entitled "Context counts! Chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes) misperceive food amounts based on presentation style" for which she received a graduate student travel award, and Ted Evans presented an invited paper entitled "Language-trained chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes) remember to remember in an analog of a human prospective memory task."

Bonnie Perdue served as the Program Chair in Psychology for this conference and organized the general program and invited many of the speakers.  It was an outstanding program!  Way to go Bonnie!




2013 News

Congratulations to Audrey Parrish who received the APA Division 3's Best Early Career Presentation Award for her presentation at the Fall Meeting of the Comparative Cognition Society, in Toronto.  This was the first time this award has been given at this meeting, and Audrey received it for her paper entitled "Chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes) Transfer Tokens with Social Partners to Accumulate Rewards in a Self-Control Task" - coauthored with Bonnie Perdue, Ted Evans, and Michael Beran. 

Congratulations to Audrey Parrish who was named the Duane M. Rumbaugh Fellow at Georgia State University.  This fellowship is awarded to an outstanding young scientist pursuing new insights into Emergent behaviors and the Rational Behaviorism that Dr. Rumbaugh has promoted throughout his career.  Her research program for this fellowship is designed to examine contextual influences on perception and judgment. The Selection Committee noted that they were "particularly impressed with her description of how her research not only addresses an emergent cognitive competency, but also promises to illuminate the basic perceptual-learning mechanisms that underlie emergents themselves."   Audrey presented some of this research in a poster session at the 2013 meeting of the Association of Consumer Research, in Chicago.   Click here for an article about Audrey's research on the GSU web page about chimpanzees and how they perceive food items. 



Congratulations to Bonnie Perdue, who has taken a position as Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at Agnes Scott College! 

Our recent work on chimpanzee metacognition received some nice press notice, including this comic!

Click here for a recent article highlighting a new grant from the Templeton Foundation.

Click here for a recent APA Science Brief about our lab's research on self-control.

Ted Evans received a Staff Development Award from Georgia State University in August to support his ongoing research efforts at the Language Research Center, and his conference travel to present that research to the scientific community.




In May 2013, LRC Founder and Director Duane Rumbaugh was back at the LRC visiting and discussing new research projects with all of us.  And, of course, he spent some time with the chimpanzees!

Congratulations to Bonnie Perdue for being awarded the 2013 Richard M. Griffith Memorial Award from the Southern Society for Philosophy and Psychology.  This award is given for the most outstanding paper by an advanced graduate student or early career investigator.

2012 News

Congratulations to Audrey Parrish, who completed her qualifying examination for the doctoral program in December, 2012. 

Bonnie Perdue, Georgia State University, at the U.S. Capitol building.Congratulations to Bonnie Perdue who represented the Language Research Center and Georgia State University through the CARE program of the American Psychological Association when she traveled to Capitol Hill to advocate for psychological science through comparative approaches in October, 2012. 

Click here to see a feature on the APA website. 





Audrey Parrish is serving on the APAGS Journal Working Group to establish a new APA journal for students that will likely be titled Translational Issues in Psychological Science.  This is an important effort that will show how psychological research relates to real world problems.  Click here for more information.

Congratulations to Bonnie Perdue who was named the Duane M. Rumbaugh Fellow at Georgia State University.  This fellowship is awarded to a young scientist pursuing new insights into Emergent behaviors and the Rational Behaviorism that Dr. Rumbaugh has promoted throughout his career.  Dr. Perdue is specifically interested in studying whether monkeys actually prefer having choices.  She will use computer tests in which monkeys choose their task order to also ask them if they like having this "choice for choice" versus just being given tasks. 




Congratulations also to Bonnie Perdue who received a travel grant from NSF and APA for the International Congress of Psychology meeting in South Africa and another travel grant from APA for attendance at the 2012 annual meeting in Orlando, Florida.

Audrey Parrish represented APAGS at the spring 2012 Consolidated Meetings of the American Psychological Association. The Consolidated Meetings are important opportunities for professional development and for participation in the leadership of the APA, and Audrey was one of only a small number of graduate students who were in attendance at this meeting.

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Research about nonhuman primates and humans playing economic games of cooperation:
(with Sarah Brosnan, Bart Wilson, Audrey Parrish, Tim Flemming, Lisa Heimbauer, 
Kate Talbot, Susan Lambeth, and Steve Shapiro)
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Delay of gratification in chimpanzees (Ted Evans):
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World Science

Monkey Metacognition (with J. David Smith):
BBC Earth News
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    Click here for PodCast interview with J. David Smith

                NOTE: This is a very large MP3 file (6.5 MB)
Science Daily

Chimpanzee Memory for Arabic Numeral Meaning:
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In October, 2009, Mike Beran published an article about ongoing research in Eye on Psi Chi magazine, the official magazine of Psi Chi, the International Honor Society in Psychology.  If you are interested in reading  it, click this link.

In October 2008, Mike Beran was invited to visit the University of Memphis to give two presentations.  One was on numerosity skills of animals, and the other was about metacognition and self-control.  He had a great time meeting people working in cognitive science as part of the Institute for Intelligent Systems.

In April 2008, Mike Beran was invited to give the Keynote Address at the 16th Annual Student Research Conference at Southeast Missouri State University.  It was quite a thrill, and he really enjoyed meeting everyone at Southeast.  The mural below advertised the conference.










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