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Evans, T. A., Beran, M. J., Chan, B., Klein, E. D., & Menzel, C. R. (2008). An efficient computerized testing method for the capuchin monkey (Cebus apella): Adaptation of the LRC-CTS to a socially housed nonhuman primate species.  Behavior Research Methods, 40, 590-596. 

Even with advances in automated testing techniques, the capuchin monkey (Cebus apella) can be a difficult species to test in the laboratory, given its social/behavioral tendencies and typical activity pattern. Laboratories that maintain social colonies of capuchin monkeys are able to separate and test individuals, but the process can be very effortful and time-consuming, and the resulting data can be modest in quantity. The present article describes procedures and apparatus that were used to train a colony of computer-na´ve capuchin monkeys to quickly and reliably isolate themselves from group members and interact with a computerized test system to produce a large volume of data. Several elements that were important in motivating the monkeys to participate are discussed.

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