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I love dinner time!  I get all kinds of yummy foods.  Tonight it's noodles!






Daddy is always hungry too, so I feed him my leftovers.






After dinner, I like to get into the bar (again, like Daddy does).






See all of those expensive toys behind me.  Well, I prefer this empty pill bottle with two dimes in it.  Don't worry Dad, I am sure my tastes will get more expensive as I get older.





Being mobile is great.  So much trouble to get into.






For instance, sneaking over to the bed to play peek-a-boo....






.... or teetering on the edge of the bed to reach that which is just out of reach. 






Of course, Mom is always there to rescue me in case I might fall, which is why I love her.






Sunday breakfast on the town.  Gimme that camera!






Or, just gimme those Cheerios.






Time to play with Mom and the doggies.






Now Dad is in on the fun.  I like this doggy...






....but not enough to share all of the limelight.  Get out of my light doggie!






So, now we are at the airport headed to somewhere called Ohio.  As we wait for the plane, I try my first pickle.






I spent most of the flight just like this....






...but I did look out the window a little bit.






Then, when we landed, I pretended Dad was an airplane.








Here is my Uncle Scott again.  It has been a long time since I last saw him.






This is my second cousin Alexa.






This is my second cousin Steven.






And, here is my cousin Hendrix.






And my Uncle Matt.








Great Aunt Janice lives in the country on a lake, so there were lots of adventures during the Labor Day weekend family gathering.  It was sunny, so I had to wear this silly hat.







Aunt Janice has a great tree with a little sitting shelf carved into it that was just perfect for me to sit in.






















I liked hanging out in the hammock.  That was a lot of fun.






Then, I met Annie.  At first, I was not sure what to make of her.  She was a little dog, not like the big monsters I live with.  But, in no time at all I was chasing her around the yard.





This is my great-great Aunt Ann.  She was really happy to meet Hendrix and I.  She is going to be 90 years old later this year.











With Aunt Ann and my second cousin Adam.






Aunt Janice with Hendrix and I.






Hendrix relaxing in the grass.






Dad, Alexa, and Scott went fishing.  Alexa caught 7 fish.






Scott caught 3 fish, including this monster.






But Dad was the big winner, bringing home this beast.  It took us two days to eat all of the meat we got off of this fish.  The best part is that this is the only fish he caught.  Good thing there are grocery stores.




The next day, we went to Chagrin Falls to have lunch.  I liked the rushing water.
























When we got home, I played with Aunt Parnell.  She really had me giggling.






Here I am posing among the daisy patch.
























We ended our trip all hanging out by the lake. 












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