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Well, here comes the new year.  Mom says I am going to love it.  We will see.





Here I am, trying to teach Dad how to read.  Later, he says we are going hiking.  No idea what that means, but I look forward to it.





Man, I love those little bears.  They are one of my favorite things to look at.






Me after my bath.  Baths make me sleepy.









Ok, I have this hiking outfit on.  Let's see what this hiking thing is all about.








Well, I guess we are going to be outside.  Not sure how I feel about that yet.








Mom says it will be fun, so I will go along for now.






Oh cool.  I think this could be fun.








This is the way to do it.  Moving all over with very little effort.  I sure am spoiled.






Wonder Mom!  She can change me anywhere!







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