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Oh, hello.  You are back.  Well, here I am, 1 year old.  This is my kilt Daddy brought from Scotland.  I am looking to get into some trouble.





I wonder where these steps lead.








Staring contest with a doggie!






Sharing my pacifier with the old doggie.






Watch out world!  I am mobile, and I have places to go.






Move doggie, move!






In the old days, these cabinets were easy to break into.  But, Mom and Dad did something to keep me out of them.  Darn!





Getting into Dad's shoes.






What kind of monster wears something this big!








I like this birthday thing!  I get all kinds of neat things.  Like empty envelopes and scrunchy paper.  And, there are also toys in these things as well, but I will play with those only after the scrunchy paper is taken away.




Now we are down in Florida.  Grandma was a lot of fun.  She helped me navigate all around.






Here I am with my cousin AJ.  He is still a lot bigger than me, but not as big a difference as last time.  [Click here to go to the page with our baby pictures to see how different we were in size then.]










This is Houdini.  I loved playing with him.






So, I got my first real taste of the beach and the ocean.












We should go that way!






 I was fearless!!  Mom and Dad were worried I would get swept away, but I just kept heading right out into the water.






Of course, they were right. 

Ocean - 1, Samantha - 0





Maybe I should stick with the big people for a while.






It sure gets deep out here.


















One morning, Dad took me down to the beach to see the sunrise.  That was a lot of fun.  But, I was mainly interested in all of the sea birds running around on the shore.





And, of course, Dad and I compared feet sizes again in the sand.  I am getting closer.  [Click here for the last time we did this.]





When we got back to Georgia, we went to visit some ducks.  They thought we had food and came running up to us.






Later, I tried peanut butter for the first time.  I am not sure whether I like it or not. 






Then, I got to open even more birthday presents.






And, finally, I got my own little cake.  I wanted to eat the fire, but Mom said no.






I was allowed to eat some of it, and I tried to make the most of each bite.






This chocolate stuff is pretty good!







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