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Here we are, heading into our first holiday season with Samantha.  December started with a nice visit from Mike's Aunt Janice and Uncle Scott from Ohio.  So, Sammie got to meet her Great Aunt and Great Uncle!




With Aunt Janice






 With Uncle Scott  








I love all of this attention!






But, now I am tired and need a little nap!








So, Dad went with Aunt Janice and Uncle Scott to go meet Matt and Jessica's new baby, Hendrix Robert.












Like me, that kid sleeps a lot too!






He is going to be a Chiefs fan.







His Dad already has him playing the drums.







Samantha's first Christmas tree!  And, I got my own little "sack" to play around inside.  What a great day.  [The dogs think so too.]







 In my little Christmas stocking outfit!






Hanging out with Mom.








Why do I have to wear this silly hat?






Good, I got rid of that hat!






Fine, if I have to wear this then I am going to sleep.








My first trip to the ocean.  It is kind of cold.  Why do people like to come here?  Oh well, Daddy went swimming out there, so it cannot be too bad.   Mom and Dad say I will love it when I get older.




Dad, I caught a fish "this big"!






On the beach with Mom.






In my cute (and warm) little hat!






My footprints next to my Dad's.








So, this is my Uncle Bobby.  He seems pretty cool.






And this is my Aunt Reba.






With Uncle Bobby and Aunt Reba






This is Aunt Lisa.  I also have an Uncle Tim, but he was scared of me, I think.





This is my cousin, Hutch.  He is very cool.






This is my other cousin, AJ.  Can you believe he is only 2 weeks older than me?  I wonder what his parents are feeding him?





Something interesting is going on!






So, I got tons of presents, including this cool t-shirt with the rules of hiking.







Hanging out with Mom.






That's Grandma back there.  We are just relaxing.






Time for another nap.  This time, I recruited Dad.  And, he even held my pacifier while I slept.






That's it for now.  See you soon.








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